About Me

Sathya Gowthaman



Sathya Gowthaman, an agricultural engineer from TNAU took to arts and painting at an early age. She has experimented with many different styles and mediums and is mostly self-taught with a part time diploma in Western Arts from NAFA, Singapore. Sathya has always been drawn to realism and realistic artworks. She took to Oil paint after moving to Singapore in 2012, where she got associated with Gnani Arts. A keen lover of portraits, Sathya is now experimenting with bringing sculptures to life on a canvas with her first series being on The Chola Sculptures. As someone who was born and brought up in Tamil Nadu, which is known for its ancient temples and architecture, she has always been intrigued by their exquisite artwork . This intrigue turned fascination built over time and turned into a drive to bring awareness to the lost sculptures of the Chola period.